Independent adjusters, estimators and contractors use Xactimate more than any other estimating software for insurance related work. Here are some Xactimate macros and estimating templates that we have compiled to help you write thorough estimates in Xactimate.  If you’re new to estimating in Xactimate, or a long time user, these Xactimate macros and templates can help you see which line items are needed in particular instances, and how to use them properly.

  • Xactimate Power Bundle
    Xactimate Power Bundle
  • ultimate roof template for xactimate
    Ultimate Roofing Template for Xactimate
  • residential xactimate template
    Complete Residential Estimating template for Xactimate
  • Water Mitigation Professional Bundle
    Water Mitigation Professional Bundle
  • Xactimate Super Siding Template
    Xactimate Super Siding Template
  • Product on sale
    Complete Water Mitigation Estimating template for Xactimate
    Complete Water Mitigation Estimating template for Xactimate
  • Xactimate kitchen template
    Xactimate Complete Kitchen Template
  • powder room xactimate macro
    Powder Room Xactimate Macro
  • Exterior French Door
    Exterior French Door
  • Engineered wood floor
    Engineered Wood Floor Macro
  • Re-install kitchen appliances
    Re-install kitchen appliances
  • High-end shower re-build macro
    High-end shower re-build macro
  • Tile Roof Template
    Tile Roof Template
  • Off-Site Storage template for Xactimate
    Off-Site Storage template for Xactimate
  • Product on sale
    FREE Laundry Room macro
    FREE Laundry Room macro