Using Audible while on deployment

When you’re on a deployment, or traveling between deployments, you’re driving a lot. You’re spending a lot of time in that car, and that time doesn’t have to be lost to 80’s hair bands, or talk radio filling your brain. You can use that time to learn new skills that can help you be more successful in your career as an independent adjuster, or in any other areas of your life.

We love Audible, because as Prime members there are a lot of audiobooks available for free. We’re also Audblie Plus users, because then we have access to even more titles. On top of that, the subscription fee is paid for by our American Express Platinum card (along with a ton of other benefits we outlined here) so we’re not out of pocket at all.

Audible has an extensive library of books, magazines, newspapers and even podcasts for you to listen while you’re on the road. For entertainment, or even more importantly, a great resource for personal and professional development. Want to learn how to negotiate with contractors better? How to manage your time better? How to fine tune your interactions with insureds? There are so many titles out there that can help you with these things that will directly affect your earnings and earning potential.

There are several alternatives to Audible as well, like Overdrive/Libby, Scribd, Hoopla, Apple Books, Google Play, LibriVox and more. If you’re already an Amazon customer, using Audible is a great way to inch ahead of your competition as an independent adjuster.