Stay safe on steep roofs with Steepgear

For a lot of adjusters, climbing on steep or dodgy roofs is a daily occurrence. Minimizing the risks associated with climbing on roofs comes from practicing proper ladder placement, proper hand and foot placement when mounting and dismounting a roof, and using the proper gear. One great piece of equipment is a pair of Steepgear shorts.

This patented product is developed to reduce the sliding risk between the wearer and the steep sloped surface. We have created a rugged line of clothing to simply slip on over existing clothing when faced with a challenging slope.

Whether it’s metal, wood, composition or tile roof material, underlayment, plywood or just about any other surface, this clothing will slow your descent and give you time to regain your balance and footing.


Falls are a serious problem in the adjusting world, as the vast majority of residential claims involve a roof inspection. According to the Center for Construction Research and Training, falls from height remain the most common cause of workplace fatalities among residential construction workers in the United States. This statistic doesn’t include adjusters, but you can probably draw a correlation that is similar.

Here’s an excellent video from Steepgear demonstrating the effectiveness of their shorts, and why you should have these in your kit.