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Estimate faster with this template

This Xactimate file/macro has 300 line items for you to build the best custom macros for your water mitigation business. You can use this Xactimate template to create your own custom macros in Xactimate.

Simple download

Once you complete the purchase, just download the esx file and drag it into Xactimate on your desktop. You’ll see the project template in your projects list right away.

Lots of line items

  • Extractions folder with 14 line items
  • Flooring folder with 48 line items
  • Containment & Protection folder with 14 line items
  • Baseboard, casing & trim folder with 17 line items
  • Contents folder with 12 line items
  • Wall materials folder with 27 line items
  • Cabinets & Countertops folder with 18 line items
  • Patio covers folder with 11 line items
  • Accoustic Ceiling tile folder with 12 line items
  • Doors folder with 4 line items
  • Insulation folder with 12 line items
  • PPE folder with 15 line items
  • Plumbing & Appliances folder with 44 line items
  • Cleaning folder with 9 line items
  • HEPA Vacuuming folder with 7 line items
  • Chemical Applications folder with 7 line items
  • Drying Equipment folder with 19 line items
  • Misc. Folder with 6 line items
  • Additional charges folder with 7 line items

Orderly and easy to read

We separated all the different categories into their own folders, and then used F9 notes to break up the categories for easier reading and searching.

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