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Getting on rosters, and keeping your information up to date is time consuming and challenging. Here’s some great info to help get you started.

If you’re new to adjusting, we recommend starting with one of our featured firms. These firms generally have more robust training programs and facilities, and have opportunities for adjusters with little to zero experience.

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More IA Firms


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Advanced Claims Concept, Inc.www.acc-claims.com
Allcat Claims Serviceswww.allcatclaims.com
Allied American Adjusting Companywww.alliedamericanusa.com
Alternative Claims Serviceswww.alternativeclaims.com
Apple Adjusters, Inc.www.appleadjusters.com/
Aspen Claims Serviceswww.aspenclaims.com/
A & R Claim Serviceswww.arclaimservices.com
Associated Adjusters Networkwww.aanadjusters.com/
Atlantic Claims, Inc.www.atlanticclaims.com/
B&H Claims Services, Inc.www.bhclaims.com/
Bright Claim, Inc.www.brightclaim.com
Brush Claimswww.brushclaims.com
BSA Claims Servicewww.bradleystinson.com
Burton Claims Serviceswww.burtonclaimservice.com
Carolina Claims Services, Inc.www.carolinaclaims.com/
Catastrophe Response Unitwww.cruadjusters.com
CenterPoint Claims Services, Inc.www.centerpointclaims.com
CIS Claim Serviceswww.cisgroup.net
Civil Logisticswww.civil-logistics.com
Claim Consultant Group, LLCwww.claimsconsultantgroup.com
Claims Adjustment Groupwww.cagclaims.com/
Claims Consultantswww.claimsconsultantsllc.com
Clear Point Claimswww.clearpointclaims.com
CNC Catastrophewww.adjustingexpectations.com
Colonial Claims Corporationwww.colonialclaims.com
Compass Adjusting Services, Inc.www.compassadjusters.com
Crawford and Companyus.crawfordandcompany.com
Cross Country Adjustingwww.ccadjust.com
Custard Insurance Adjusters, Inc.www.custard.com
Engle Martin & Associates, Inc.www.englemartin.com
Fidelity Claimswww.fidelityclaimsinc.com
FKS Insurance Serviceswww.fks-insurance.com
Fountain Group Adjusterswww.fgclaims.com
Fourseventy Claim Managementwww.fourseventyclaims.com
G&G Insurance Adjusters, Inc.www.ggadjusters.com
Griston Claim Serviceswww.gristonclaims.com
Global Risk Solutions, Inc.www.globalrisksolutions.com
Hawkeye Claimswww.hawkeyeclaims.com
IAS CatCREWwww.iasclaims.com
Ideal Adjustingwww.idealadjusting.com
IMS Catastrophe Services, Inc.www.imsclaims.com
Inside Adjusters Catastrophe Staffingwww.insideadjusters.com
Insurance Placement Solutions (IPS)www.ipsstaffing.com
Integrity Adjusters, LLCwww.integrityadjusters.com
Leading Edge Claims Serviceswww.leadingedgeclaims.com
Legacy Claims Serviceswww.legacyclaimsservices.com
Mid-America Catastrophe Servicesmidamcat.com
MGD Claim Services, Inc.mgdclaims.org
Mason Claim Serviceswww.masonclaims.com
National Claims Adjustersnclaimsadjusters.com
Nomad Adjusting, LLCnomadadjusting.com
One Call Claimswww.onecallclaims.com
Pacesetter Claims Servicewww.pacesetterclaims.com
Pasco Claims Serviceswww.pascoclaims.com
Primeco Claims Groupwww.primecoclaims.com
Premier Adjusting & Catastrophewww.pasadjust.com
Property Loss Specialistwww.plsclaims.com
Provencher & Companywww.provencherclaims.com
PSS Insurance Staffingwww.pssinsurance.com
QA Claimswww.qaclaims.com
Quality Claims Servicewww.qualityclaimsservice.com
Ryze Claim Solutionswww.ryzeclaims.com
S&S Claims Service, Inc.www.ssclaims.com
Schafer, Wood & Associates, Inc.www.schaferwood.com
Specialty Adjusting Internationalwww.specialty-adjusting.com
Straight Line Globalwww.straightlineglobal.com
Strategic Cat Solutionswww.strat-cats.com
Syndicate Claims Serviceswww.syndicateclaims.com
The Best Claims Solutionswww.thebestclaims.com
Tailored Adjustment Services, Inc.www.independentadjusterstexas.com
Team One Adjustingwww.teamoneclaims.com
The Jacobson Groupwww.jacobsononline.com
The Littleton Groupwww.littleton-group.com
TSI Adjusters, Inc.tsiadjusters.com
United Claims Serviceucsadjusters.com
US Adjusting Servicesusadjustingservices.net
Vanguard Adjusters Group, Inc.www.vanguardadjusters.com
Walker Group, Inc.www.wgclaims.com
Wardlaw Claims Servicewww.wardlawclaims.com
Wheeler, DeFusco & Associateshttp://wheeler-defusco.com/


To save time, make sure you’ve got these things ready to go before you start diving into these rosters:

Licenses: Definitely use Sircon to manage your licenses, and have your own spreadsheet with that information and other information like issue date and expiration date. You’ll also want to download your licenses in .pdf, because you’ll need to upload them when you’re signing on to a roster. The more you have when you start, the better.

Your resume: You need to have a professional, up to date resume to upload. A .pdf file is preferred, but Word will work as well. We won’t go into what your resume needs to look like here, but we will at least say that it should be oriented towards your desired career as an independent adjuster.

A Photograph of yourself: Take a nice picture of yourself, similar to a passport photo, but don’t be afraid to smile. You should be dressed professionally and the photo should be taken against a white background, as this photo will be used on your ID badge when you get deployed. Most firms want the photo in .jpg format.

Certifications: Have you gotten any certifications like xactimate level 2, or your State Farm cert? You’re going to want to have that information handy when you apply to IA firms. Be ready to fill in the certification number and upload a .pdf of the certification.

NIPR: Always have your National Producer Number (NPN) handy. What is your NPN? The National Producer Number is a unique NAIC identifier assigned through the licensing application process or the NAIC reporting systems to individuals and business entities (including, but not limited to producers, adjusters, and navigators) engaged in insurance related activities regulated by a state insurance department. The NPN is used to track those individuals and business entities on a national basis. Many portals have a backend connection directly to NIPR, and with this number they can pull in your licensing information automatically.