Estimating Desk Mat for Adjusters, Roofers and Contractors, works with Xactimate™



Complete Residential Estimating template for Xactimate

We’ve compiled an Xactimate file (ESX) with the most common roof and exterior items for residential claims; This file has all the line items you could think of or need for each type of common residential roof, as well as exterior items like siding, decks, garage doors and more. You can use this Xactimate template to create your own custom macros in Xactimate.

Ultimate Roofing Template for Xactimate

Transform your roofing estimates with our comprehensive Xactimate template, featuring over 700 line items for diverse roofing types like 3-tab, laminate, tile, and more. Perfect for adjusters and contractors, this template not only serves as a rich reference but also helps in creating powerful macros. It includes skylights, gutters, and a complete laminate roof estimate, making it an indispensable tool for both beginners and seasoned professionals in roofing estimation.

This roofing template features over 700 line items for you to reference when estimating, or use the template to create super powerful macros.  We've included in this template:

3 tab Roof
Laminate Roof
Tile Roof
Wood Shake Roof
Rolled Roof
Concrete tile Roof
Steel Shingle Roof
Standing Seam Roof
Slat Roof
Modified Bitumen Roof
EPDM (rubber) Roof
TPO Roof
Gravel Build up Roof
Elastomeric Roof coating
Aluminum Roof & coating
Spray Foam Roof



AND a complete laminate roof estimate to help you get started if you're new to estimating.  If you work as an adjuster or a roofing contractor, you can't afford to not have this template in your toolbox.


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Increase your efficiency while writing estimates in Xactimate, and increase your cycle times and profits.
Roof types: the desk mat features the most common roof types, making it easier to get started with your sketching and estimating by starting with the correct roof type.
Roof components: The main roof image includes the most common roof components and labels showing you where and what they are.
Xactimate category and Selector Codes: We’ve compiled the most commonly used category and selector codes for Xactimate™, relevant to working roofs and the exterior of residential properties.
Xactimate™ shortcut keys: We couldn’t fit all of the shortcut keys on the map, but we added the most frequently used. Learning these shortcuts is a big factor in turning out quality estimates more quickly.

.: 4 mm thick neoprene
.: Anti-slip backing
.: Full print
.: Multifunctional use

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