Homder Wireless Car Charger Mount Review

Keeping your phone charged is a priority in pretty much every industry these days. When you rely on a hotspot through that phone, it becomes even more essential to your success. Add routing and client and carrier communication and your phone is probably the most important piece of gear you have. With all the time you spend on the road, it’s important to have a really good quality mount so you can use it safely, hands-free while driving.

The Design

For a cell phone car mount, this thing is cool. One of the things that drew us to this product over others was the wireless charging feature. Being able to grab and go without messing with a cable is great, and it’s just one less thing to deal with when getting in and out of your vehicle. Not all phones have wireless charging, but if yours does, this is a great feature. Charges Through Lightweight Cases: When you want to charge your phone as you drive, there’s no need to remove your phone from its case. The Homder wireless fast charging mount can deliver a charge through cases up to 6mm thick.

The mount also has a motorized automatic locking system. When you set your phone in the mount, and it “feels” the weight, a tiny motor closes the side clamps of the mount to secure your phone.  Nothing loose or flopping around here.

The design of the Homder Automatic Clamping Wireless Car Charger Mount allows you to mount the unit three different ways; To your windshield, to your dashboard, or to clip it to one of your AC vents in the dashboard.  All three are sturdy ways of mounting via a suction cup or heavy duty clamp.  The mount also allows the phone to be manipulated in any direction with just one hand. If you need a better view, just adjust it really quickly.

Setup: Super easy

Just figure out where you want to place the mont and use the suction device or clip to secure it. Plug in the included cigarette adapter and cable and you’re ready. The great thing about the cigarette lighter adapter is that it has 3 usb ports, so you can still charge other devices like your iPad or camera.  The mount held sturdy even on bumpy roads, and the auto clamp feature was flawless.


It’s pretty straight forward. If you’re used to unlocking your phone with a face scan tech or fingerprint, you’re going to probably have to get used to using pin to unlock the phone.  Because of the way the phone cradles, it’s not easy to get a finger on the sensor (front or back) and depending on the device and placement, it may be too far away to recognize your face.  You’ll probably also find that if you’re using it clipped to an AC vent, that it works better if it’s clipped to a vent piece that’s horizontal, not vertical. The vertical placement allows the unit to swing a little bit.

Other than that, it’s a great addition to the mobile office while running claims.  Keeps the device charged and handy, and it’s wonderful to have it hands free for safe driving and communicating.

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