Gear Review: The Azzsy iPad Case

Today, we’re going to review the Azzsy iPad case.  We specifically have the Air 3 case, but the case comes in different sizes if you use a different size iPad.  It seems like a no brainer to safeguard a fragile and expensive piece of gear like an iPad. But remember, not all cases are made alike.

The design of the iPad case.

When we started looking at cases, it became apparent from the outset that the case would need to have some sort of hand strap. Sketching without a sturdy grip is not ideal.  We came across several options, and chose the Azzsy. Most of the options that had the hand strap seemed very similar, but the price on the Azzsy was great.

The hand strap at the back is comfortable; made from a soft fabric that has a tiny bit of stretch to it. The plate the strap is mounted to rotates, giving the user a lot of flexibility in how to orient the iPad while in use.  The rotating plate on the back has a built in kickstand, so when you use it as a second monitor just pop it out and plop it down.

The case itself is super durable and has shock resistant corners. When you drop it (and you will) not all of that energy is transferred into the rigidity of the iPad. This can cause internal damage or more likely a beautiful crack across your screen.

Another super helpful feature on this case is the stylus holder on the back of the case. When you’re working a claim, you have a lot of gear and still only two hands. Being able to slip that stylus in the back of the Azzsy is better than losing it to the depths of your Bully Bag.

The Azzsy case also comes with a strap that connects at opposite corners of the case. It’s a shoulder strap. We worked with and without the strap, and if you have a proper gear bag, you won’t need the strap. Slung over your shoulder while you’re doing a test square doesn’t work, as it will swing around and get in the way. When your sketching on your iPad, the straps just kind of hang down and at best look sloppy.

Finally, when you get in your car and want to mount the iPad to get on the road, you’ll want to remove the strap. Even if it fits in the mount with the strap, it looks messy. Also, when you pull up to a risk and grab your iPad, 5 times out of 10 that strap will catch on something on the way out the door.

We liked what it didn’t have too.

One design feature that the Azzsy doesn’t have, is actually one reason we chose it, That’s a built in screen protector. We’ve seen other iPad cases with the built in protectors, and they’re often flimsy and cheap, and scratch easily. We decided it would be a better idea to go with a case that doesn’t have the built in protector. Instead use a tempered glass screen protector for added protection. The glass protector offers ample protection to the screen while allowing you tactile accuracy with a stylus that you need while sketching. Nothing is more annoying than trying to drag a wall, and not being able to “grab” it.

Setup: Easy peasy

Getting your baby into its cradle is pretty strait-forward. Pop the latches off on each side of the case and remove the front piece, place the iPad into the case oriented correctly, and gently get the flexible corners of the case over the iPad. Replace the front piece and kaboom, you’re done (after adding the glass screen protector).  Adjust the hand strap to your comfort and get sketching!

Verdict: a necessity

The Azzsy iPad case is really a necessity. Without it, you can’t effectively hold and manipulate your iPad while sketching. You also risk dropping that sucker and being out $600.  The Azzsy iPad case is a super study, inexpensive addition to protect one of your essential tools.  The only downside we could find is the weight of the case.  The Azzsy weighs in at 13.6 ounces, which isn’t much but everything adds up when you’re climbing around on a roof. 13.6 ounces is the price you pay for a sturdy case and peace of mind.

The Azzsy iPad case is definitely something you want in your quiver.

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