Earn SkyMiles with AirBnb

Maximizing every dollar spent is an important part of being an independent adjuster. It’s no more work or expense to get free benefits and bonuses by just doing a couple of things differently. To earn SkyMiles with AirBnb make one small change when you book an AirBnb.

First, if you don’t already have a Delta SkyMiles number, get one. It’s free to sign up for SkyMiles and it helps you accrue miles towards a free flight in the future. If there’s a storm on the east coast and you’re flying for deployment, chances are that you’ll fly on Delta. Even if you never fly to a deployment, these miles are yours. Earn SkyMiles and take your family on vacation, or donate them to a worthy cause.

Now, for the AirBnB side. AirBnB’s are great for adjusters in many, many ways. If you’re not going the RV route, the right AirBnB can save you tons of money versus a hotel, and earn you SkyMiles. All you do is book your AirBnB through this link (bookmark it), and enter your SkyMiles number. You’ll earn 1 bonus mile for every $1 spent on an AirBnb.

Let’s look at the math. If deployed on CAT for a major hurricane, you’re likely staying outside of the damage area. Let’s say you find a sweet guesthouse for $60 a night. Leaving out cleaning fees for simplicity, but they’re usually a one time charge at check out. Because you’ll need to move around during deployment, let’s just say you’re keeping it at $60 a night average. A three month deployment would cost you $5,400, and generate an equal amount of points on your Amex Platinum card. That’s 10,800 that you can use in the future. And all you had to do was click on the right link and use the right card.