Dorian projected to be a hurricane by Wednesday morning [UPDATED]

[UPDATE] Dorian is now a category 1 hurricane, and will possibly be a category 3 hurricane when it makes landfall on the east coast. Curren NOAA projections show the storm barreling towards Florida, arriving on September 2nd.

According to the NOAA, Tropical Storm Dorian is projected to become a category 1 hurricane by early Wednesday morning. The storm is projected to cross the Lesser Antilles tonight and Tuesday, before continuing on to glance Puerto Rico. Dorian is projected to downgrade before hitting the Florida coast, however that projection is some time out, and the storm will most certainly alter course and strength over the next week.


If you’re not already geared up and ready for deployment, this is a good time to begin. Not only because of Tropical Storm Dorian, but because September 10th is historically the peak of hurricane season. Most names storms typically fall in the 4 weeks preceeding and following September 10th.