A wonderful hotel alternative in Dallas

Some of the Storm Life team team recently visited Dallas, Texas to attend training at Eberl. Eberl is one of the largest adjusting firms in the United States. Eberl has been providing adjusting services since 1987, and frequently hold training classes in Dallas. A little bit about our experience with AirBnb in Dallas.

One of the great things about Eberl is that they have valuable perks for adjusters. One perk Eberl offers is a discount code at the Omni Hotel near their office in Dallas. This is a nice benefit at a nice hotel. However, the discount is based on occupancy. So, if the hotel is in high demand, chances are that you won’t get the discount. Sure enough, the dates we needed were in high demand, and the discount was not available. Turning to AirBnb, there is a wonderful option closer to Eberl than the Omni, and quite nice.

Now, if you haven’t used AirBnb, you should at least have a gander. Sign up and have a look at what’s available. Then read this to get bonus points on your booking.

Near the Eberl offices, about a 17 minute flat walk actually (or 5 minute Uber), is a wonderful 1 bedroom airbnb. The host is highly rated, and we found the apartment spotless and tip top. All in (taxes, cleaning fees, etc.) the apartment with a king bed and complete kitchen was only $111.00 per night. Compared to the rate of $140 at the Omni, without taxes and fees, it’s an easy decision: go with the airbnb.The apartment is well appointed, has a gym and parking if you need it.

Cost effective

Take advantage of InstaCart and order essentials to be delivered shortly after arrival. Items like coffee and some snacks, maybe a couple of beers. You’ve got all you need and, much less expensive than a hotel mini bar. For your evening meals head out if you fancy. You can go to the Omni if you want to mingle with other adjusters, or utilize Uber Eats or Amazon Restaurants to eat in and study. Depending on tastes, probably still less expensive than room service.