4 Reasons why you should have an iPad for deployments

Here we’re going to breakdown why an iPad is an essential investment for your first and every subsequent deployment as an independent adjuster.

First things first, we’re aware that other tablets are just as capable as the iPad in accomplishing what we’re going to talk about here. However, due to the variety of such devices, we’re going to focus on the iPad. Just make sure that if you do decide to go with, say an Android-based tablet, make sure it has the guts to run Xactimate mobile. You’re going to want at least one of the more powerful Galaxy line tablets, for example.

1) Xactimate Mobile: If you are not using Xactimate mobile on an iPad, you really should be. There is no faster way to sketch than on the iPad with a stylus and a Disto. If you’re performing proper claim recon before you arrive at the risk, you may have already sketched the outline of the house. Now, all you have to do is measure the peak and wall height with your Disto, and add doors and windows with the iPad as you inspect the property.

The iPad also has a camera, eliminating the need to break out the SD card in your car, transfer the images to your laptop, label, etc. Using the iPad, you can take pics as you scope and photo label using the voice to text feature. There are other ways to label your photos that are faster than voice to text, but not while you’re on-site, doing the inspection.

Once you’ve finished your scope, upload it to the cloud while you give the insured a quick update. Then, hop in your vehicle and complete the estimate on your laptop. Most adjusters find that estimating the loss on a laptop is faster than through the iPad, with it being easier to tab through sections and enter line item codes from memory.

2) Pitch Gauge: Did you know that your iPad can double as pitch gauge? It’s long enough to work without placing a clipboard underneath it, and you can snap a screenshot of the pitch with roof in the background as you would with a regular pitch gauge. Check out the pitch gauge app here.

3) Mobile information center: All of this is accomplished with your phone as well, a relative supercomputer compared to just ten years ago, but the bigger screen is an asset, as is having everything on one device. While out on the road, you’re going to want to be able to pull over and easily access Scheduleit through your iPad resting in your cupholder tablet mount or a Journidock. Google maps will help you navigate to your next claim, and audible will play whatever book you’re listening to while you drive.

4) It’s also a dual-screen: We covered this in another post, but having a second screen to work with your laptop is a big help when trying to close claims.

There are even more reasons, but these four offer the most significant benefits with the least amount of effort. An iPad will increase your rate of close, save you time on he road, and eliminate the need to carry that digital camera around, all while sketching on-site.